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Making a clay Fox figure

This might end up on a store page eventually... or not! We'll see how it comes out once it's baked and painted.
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Drawing a Fox "Coot"

This is me drawing page 24 of Chapter 5. Every now and then I'm gonna post some short videos like these.
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Other cool stuff:
Mysterious form found!

This is the form that Aude is given in the beginning of the story. She can't read what it says, and neither can you, but as the story progresses, the form will keep changing and more information will appear.

A short story by Mattaya, who filled in for me while my husband was in the hospital <3

Deleted scenes (well... pages):

Laying in the grass
(Chapter 3)
I would have used this sketch, but I misplaced it at the time of the update and had to start over. What a waste... the replacement did not look nearly as cool.
(Chapter 2)
This was originally supposed to make the story easier to understand, but it just ended up confusing people more, so I had to take it out.
(towards the end of Chapter 1)
The girl came out gorgeous, but the guy is just weird looking. There's also a lot of wasted space. And they both look a little too asian.
(from Chapter 1)
I was so dissapointed to see the colored pencil results once scanned, that I started over completely with paint.
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