Aw, look at all that love!
Feel free to send me some fan art as well, there's room for plenty more : )
You can email it to me or post in on the forum. Fanfics are welcome as well!
Halloween gift art
A present from my friend Mike, who took advantage of my being sick in bed to use my awesome tablet : )
The first ever human-Fox fan art
by Gothica Elivani : )
Aude cosplay
A funny birthday present from my buddy Stephen (TRI) of Sharing a Universe.
A birthday present
Mattaya sent me this awesome painting, and I just had to show it off : ) Please excuse my camera's blurriness...
Fallen Angel
Aude as an angel and an awesome poem by Flyte : )
The Garden of Reason
A sketch of the Montreal botanical garden, which I will use later in the story, by Mattaya.
Petuni on a petunia
A cool idea by Koikitten, who somehow always understands where I'm going with this story <3
Who's next?
Mattaya's take on Aude's dual nature : )
It's the same, except inside a tree
A present from Mattaya to celebrate my 2 year wedding anniversary : D
Who has the highest fever?
Fan art by Rik of the Drunken Scribblings
Aude crossing the gate
More Mattaya goodness : )
Melvin getting in the holiday spirit
Xmas wishes by my buddy Rik of the Drunken Scribblings
Reaching the appeal gate
Seriously, what would I do without Mattaya? <3
Making friends in Dreamland
Fan art by Samantha Wikan of
Life's a Witch <3
Miniature Melvin and Aude
More Saturday fan art by Mattaya. I'm so spoiled : )
The devil and miss Aude
A mischievous version of Aude by Erin Mehlos who draws my favorite comic, Hell's Corners.
Get the wallpaper here : )
More proof that Mattaya is cool
Angela, the evil customer service lady, comes back with a vengence! Or just a lot of butterflies that look suspiciously like chromosomes.
Pretty fan art from Mattaya
Behold... my first fanart! A present from my wonderful friend Mattaya who is one of the most talented people I know <3
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