Here to take a peek at my sketchbook?
This is a mix of character art, commission work and random fillers.
Elo fanart Meme
Elo fanart
Happy birthday to the lovely Pastel : )
My first meme
Christmas 07

A Christmas flashback
Joshua isn't too thrilled by his present.

Commission work : Dragon
A birthday present to Mitzsell, from Rose (and me)!
Commission work : Wolf
This was the first commission request that I ever got through Fainting Spells, so I'm ecstatic!
Happy birthday Tri!
Here's a painting I'm working on as a present for Stephen Southworth of
Sharing a Universe
One year special!

Little Aude and her mysterious friend Josh at the beach.
One million hits!?

Where do all you people come from? XD
Mysterious filler : )

Cause I'm a tease like that.
Happy holidays!

The fox stares at the snow in amazement. When did his island get a christmas tree?
500,000 hits

Thanks for all the support : D
Just a cute filler

Thanks for sticking around while I was sick!
Be vewy quiet...

Who are these kids? What do they have to do with the story? ...You'll have to find out for yourself! ^_^
Halloween special #5

Scotty is the hero of Tricycle's lovely boy-love comic, Soccer is Full of Cheese
Halloween special #4

Tinkerbell is a character from The Drunken Scribblings, drawn by my buddy Rik.
Halloween special #3

And here's the star of the wacky webcomic, Tile : )
Halloween special #2

Miriam is a character from the excellent comic Out There.
Halloween special #1

Nightwillow is a character from my favorite webcomic of all time, Hell's Corners.
Happy birthday to me!

Aude's bridesmaids are starting the reception early.
Snow angel

Part 2 of the Miss Comic Genesis pageant. I had a lot of fun drawing this one. I wish every one of my strips looked this good... Maybe I should have all the characters play in the snow for a bit.

Part 1 of Aude's entry in the Miss Comic Genesis pageant. Wish her luck, there's gonna be some tough competition!
Aude on the beach

I made this drawing for a swimsuit thread on Comic Genesis. You can tell Aude counts her daily calorie intake.
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